I was doing pretty good for a bit. Less caring about what my body looked like, more caring about what my body could do (running + a pretty fucking amazing boyfriend who's now my fiance FTW). But hey ho. Now there's work stress (oh, what's that, I'm shit at the career I've always wanted? Cool) and wedding stress (15,000 for a room for one day and food for 80 people? Massive white dress and everyone staring at me and all my flaws? WONDERFUL!!!) and fiance is away sooooo hello again to calorie counting, and restricting every single thing I can find, and exercising even though I've got an injury that will only go away with rest.

Sad to see this place has died a death. I've missed you all. Hope you're all well.

(Fuck I hope my signature doesn't have any stats in it 'cos I have BALLOONED.)