So apparently i have to introduce myself here.

I also read that I need to include trigger warnings, so TW: I mention self harm

Iím not going to say my name here due to security, and the birthday I entered is complete bull crap because again, security. All I will say is that I am between 16-18 (please donít ban me)

Iím ashamed of myself, and I want to be secure here as I donít want ties to my identity found. Iíve had trouble being happy, and I donít think getting doxxed will help.

All I can really say to loosely describe myself is that I would be much prettier missing 10 pounds. I was 107 pounds a few months ago, Iíve probably gained ~3-4 (taking me to 110-111 pounds) since then as I somehow convinced myself that eating more often would do me better, make me taller (I am very insecure of my height). If you saw me on a webcam chat a few months ago, youíd confuse me for a woman. Now Iím too fat and I havenít consumed enough estrogen-rich food. At least it made my parents happier as they were giving me grief about my eating habits. I am also somewhat religious, I believe in God, and I believe that my body is godís temple that I have disgraced by letting myself gain weight.

Iíve suffered from moderate depression for a few years, Iíve been particularly hateful of my appearance, especially now.

My only real aspirations are to be beautiful, either get a good job and raise a family or to die before I am 30 from natural causes of course. I just want to be remembered as young and soon, beautiful.

I have habits of going to anonymous video chats, keeping things modest of course. A few months ago (when I was less fat), people actually complimented me. My hair was styled, my face wasnít bloated, and my chest was less than flat. I want to be like that again. Some support and a few razor slashes will motivate me. I want to regain my progress, so I am coming here for support. This day, october 13th, marks the day Iím gonna stop being a big bitch and work towards being a more thinner and beautiful bitch. When Iím at a more beautiful weight, my legs will look like they have crimson barcode all over them, my parents will nag me to eat more, but it will be worth it!