Hello, I'm Ava and I'm 18 years old. I've been anorexic for about a year now, but only recently has my disorder become a visible problem.
A few nights ago, after fasting for the day, I went to a hookah bar with a friend. Low blood sugar and pressure and lack of oxygen from the hookah caused me to blackout and faint, hitting the back of my skull on the concrete floor. Many hours and tests later, the doctor told me I was lucky I didn't have serious brain damage from my minor concussion, and wagged his finger at me to eat more and stay hydrated.
My parents have definitely been worried about my nutrition lately, but living on campus away from home has been a godsend. I became vegetarian when I moved out this September, and have been swinging back and forth between fasting, restricting, and bingeing all the while.
My main problem right now is finding a balance. I want to fast - I love fasting - but when I go back home for thanksgiving this weekend and winter break in a few more weeks... It's going to be very difficult to hide what I don't eat. Also, I have severe bipolar disorder, which causes me to have little perks for a few hours a day and unrelenting depression the rest. It's very misunderstood, but I find that when I've fasted or eaten very little in a day, my low blood sugar contributes to the depression: allowing it to last longer and grow to the point of becoming suicidal.
That's my story, nice to meet everyone here...
If you have any advice or are seeking any, I'd love to talk to you. :]
Ava xx