Hey, well as you know I am pro-ana, right? Well, obviously you knew that, hence the website I am on. I am dieting to lose weight. About two years ago, when I successfully lost weight I was extremely scared to gain that weight back. I was sick of dieting and I wanted a way to maintain the weight and eat at the SAME time. There was no way that I could possibly do that. I turned to purging and laxatives. Now, I know you all probably think that is normal. . . but it's not something I like. I have NO problem being pro ana, but I don't want to be pro-mia. I don't like that junky lifestyle. I still am addicted to it, and to be honest I hate it. I want to just kick that addiction out of my life. By becomming pro ana hopefully I can do that. I love being thin! LOVE IT! I want to be as thin as possible. If I can get thinner, than turning to purging or laxatives won't be an option anymore.

I am not trying to offend anyone who is pro-mia. I just don't like that lifestyle for my self. I am not judging anyone. No hard feelings. Do what you want to do, and I'll do what I want.

thanks for listening. Hopefully I won't have to turn to bulemia anymore.