ive lost weight, over half a stone, im feeling skinny, i binged for two days,but now i can carry on skinnying away after all, well woke up today saying no more binging need to get back on track - and then later my mum comes and hugs me and says, ure sooo skinny u tiny little thing (in a loving way) so annoyging with that in mind i binging again today!!! so annoying she shud have kept quiet, the tiniest thing give me excuses for foood!!!! such a love hate relationship with the sutff!!! i love being thinner, i have these trousers from back in the day wen i was acutally fat!!! and they fall off me, but i gained and wouldnt put them on cos they were beginning to fit , but yes!!! ive lost and there falling off again, oh dear sorry for the rant, hope i dont bore u all the death all the time!! love u guys!!!