So I've been bulimic for a year now. And it's obvious. I've went from 130 lbs to about 90 lbs in 12 months. Finally this week my dad confronted me.

I have no idea HOW he knows I'm bulimic though. [I'm married, live in my own house, and have never purged around my parents!] He was very specific on the binging/purging aspect, and didn't suggest anorexia at all. How he knows, I'm guessing sheer paternal instinct.

But I was suprised at how well he handled it. But I hate when people talk to me about my ED. I know it can kill me, yada yada yada. It's like preaching to a brick wall. Now things are just really awkward for me because my parents know about my ED. Makes me feel like sh**. I'm the oldest of their children, and don't want to be seen as a "failure". But on the same note, I DON'T want recovery at this point. I've tried myself a few times, and failed miserably.

Thanks for listening to me.... Anyone else's parents confronted them on their ED? How did you react?

My husband has known since day 1 about my ED, but he also knows HE can't make me better. So he doesn't bothor anymore....