Hi there,

My name is Sophie and I'm a researcher on an ITV1 documentay in the UK. The sensitive programme is looking at the pressures on young women to be thin and part of the programme is discussing 'pro ana' websites.

I know there are many reasons for people using the sites and I'd like to hear from you. This is your chance to speak out.

Do you regularly use Pro-Ana or Mia sites? Do they have an important role in your life do you feel they are generally misunderstood? ITV1 are making a sensitive documentary about the pressures young people face to be thin and we would like to hear from the online community.

At this stage this is just research and the conversation will be in confidence with no obligation to take part in the film.

To discuss further please call Sophie on 0207 013 4568 or email on Sophie.black@rdftelevision.com