Hiya, well im now officialy at my heaviest and need to lose it desperatly! on tuesday me my mum and my sister r gonna have a weekly weigh in we each hav to put 3 in a pot and get weighed every tuesday, if any of us hav put on we hav to put in the pot 1 fo each gained lb. We are doing this until the 1st week in May and whoever has lost the most weight will get all the money in the pot from over the weeks.. I am so determined to win the money but most of all to lose the flab. i have no willpower at all tho and always give in at the 1st sniff of somit tasty i will be comin on here to try and give me some willpower i do not wanna get any fatter now i am feelin big and slow and heavy. im 5ft and weigh 9 and a half stone! fat and disgustin i know!