Hi my name is Colleenand I'm 28. I am from a small town in Ontario Canada. I go to school part time and I do web design and graphic design as a hobby. I hope that it will be my job someday.

I have agraphobia, personality disorder, deoression, PTSD, OCD, and borderline bipolar disorder. You could say that I am pretty messed up. Last year I tried to yake my life but my BF came just in time. I was sent to a mental health center for awhile. I had spent most my teen years in one.

I am also a self harmer and I restrict what I eat. I am eating 300 cals per day. I hate myself, I hate my life and I wish I wasn't here anymore. The only reason why I don't kill myself is because of my dad.

Anyway I joined here to get feedback from people like me and to maybe help some of you also.