Hey everyone. So, heres the thing. I have had bulimia since I was 18, [now 21]. I just had a baby 6 months ago and somehow I had enough will power to stop once I found out I was pregnant. But When I had him my mind went all crazy and I had to start again. The only thing is, When I first had bulimia I lost a lot of weight, even though people say you don't, I DID! But now I'm not. But I can't stop, and I'm not sure that I want to stop. I've never experience the soar throat or anything, I mean I get the occasional headache, but people who aren't bulimic get that. I guess my question is.. WHY AM I NOT LOOSING WEIGHT NOW!?!? whats the difference from now and when I first started?

If anyone wants to talk.. My Email is Kaidensmomma08@yahoo.com
I check it a lot.
Or my SN for AIM is RCK101308.