so here is whats been happening lately...i meet this guy..and he seemed to be perfect(i know right)..but seriously everything he said was perfect the way he talked to me...everything.. now ive always had i guess you could say low self esteem but i dont like to show it like at all to the point were its alittle fake...and i do everything possable to avoid conversations that lead somwhere uncomfortable for me...anyways thats besides the point..back to this let me just say its never really been a problem for me to meet guys the problem is the guys that i seem to meet... but he just seemed different than the rest of them and i was acctually happy...long long story short we hang out it doesnt go exactly the way he would have liked it to of course i dont get a call that wouldnt have really bothered me since i had already made up my mind to start getting away from guys like that..but it wasnt up to me, he blew me i find myself picking at every little thing that i do..wich is another thing that i want to change..i donno im just so tiered of not being happy with myself...and i hate how somthing as stupid as a guy can set me back and make me feel this way again!