i have only really just admitted to myself today that i have a slight problem concerning bulimia. but its getting to be more than that. one of my friends at school knows but she doesnt really take it seriously and i think she thinks it's a 'phase'. it started 2 years ago (i know - long time to be in denial) when another friend mentioned that i was 'fat'. - actually at the time i weighed 8st and i was 5'7.
since then i havent been out once with my friends.. have really never had any sort of 'boyfriend' and spend my time looking up skinny celebrities and wishing i was thinner.
is there anyone else out there like this? i feel so stupid and sad that i have done this to myself., and lost my childhood - well most of it. the worst part (for me ) is that i havent been able to cry since i started this hell.